Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Privacy Policy

Oasis Community Learning Privacy Policy

Oasis is committed to your privacy. 我们将使用您所提供的资料,以提供您所要求的服务. 我们也可能会通知您我们认为可能与您相关的相关服务. 如果您不希望收到进一步的通讯,请与我们联系. 我们可能会不时更改此隐私政策,因此请在您下次访问本网站时查看.

Oasis致力于以公开透明的方式处理您的信息. 十大靠谱买球网站排名如何处理您的信息的完整解释包含在我们的完整隐私声明中,您可以访问该声明 here. As an education provider we handle information about children. 您可以在本隐私声明中找到一个版本,该版本向儿童解释了我们如何以一种更容易让他们理解的方式处理有关他们的信息 here.

How will you use my information?
This depends on why you gave us your details. 您的个人信息将仅用于您提供给我们的目的,并随时通知您. If, for example, 如果您对某个活动感兴趣,我们可能会在组织更多相关活动时向您发送最新信息.

How does Oasis use e-mail?
绿洲是一家慈善机构,我们一直在寻找更有效地利用我们拥有的资源的方法. Email is a very effective way of communicating with our supporters. 我们知道不是每个人都喜欢收到电子邮件,所以我们给你一个选择. To unsubscribe, just contact us.

Does Oasis share my information with other organisations?
除非得到您的许可,否则我们不会与其他机构分享您的信息. 然而,我们可能会雇用其他代理人代表我们履行职能. Examples include delivering mail or e-mail.

How do you use Cookies?
The only cookies used on this iste are to help us analyse site usage, how users arrive at our site, what they do on the site, what browser they are using and on what operating system etc. However, this data is not tied to personally identifiable information. 如果您不知道什么是cookie,或者不知道如何控制或删除它们,那么我们建议您访问 for detailed guidance.

目前,我们实行“默示同意”政策,这意味着我们假设您对这种使用方式感到满意. If you are not happy, then you should either not use this site, or you should delete Google Analytics  cookies having visited the site, 或者你应该使用浏览器的匿名使用设置(在Chrome中称为“隐身”)浏览网站, “InPrivate” for Internet Explorer, "Private Browsing" in Firefox and Safari etc.)

What Social buttons do you use?
On many of the pages of the site you will see ‘social buttons’. These enable users to share or bookmark the web pages. 其中包括:Twitter、Google +1、Facebook的“喜欢”和LinkedIn的“分享”按钮。. In order to implement these buttons, and connect them to the relevant social networks and external sites, there are scripts from domains outside of Oasis. 你应该意识到,这些网站很可能会收集你在互联网上所做的一切信息, including on Oasis sites. So if you click on any of these buttons, 这些网站将登记该行动,并可能使用该信息. 在某些情况下,这些站点将注册您正在访问Oasis站点的事实, and the specific pages you are on, 即使你没有点击按钮,但你已经登录了他们的服务(如谷歌和Facebook)。. 您应该查看这些网站各自的政策,以了解他们如何使用您的信息,并找出如何选择退出, or delete, such information.

External web services.
We use a number of external web services on this site, mostly to display content within our web pages. For example, to display images we may use Flickr; to display slideshows we sometimes use SlideShare; to show videos we use Vimeo and YouTube. This is not an exhaustive or complete list of the services we use, or might use in the future, when embedding content, but these are the most common. As with the social buttons we cannot prevent these sites, or external domains, from collecting information on your usage of this embedded content. 如果您没有登录到这些外部服务,那么他们将不知道您是谁,但可能会收集匿名使用信息.g. number of views, plays, loads etc.

For more information

如果您想讨论本隐私政策中的任何内容或与Oasis社区处理您的个人数据有关的任何内容,包括请求访问您的个人信息, then you can contact any Oasis Academy directly. 联系信息可在学院网站或本文件前面详细介绍的补充隐私声明中获得.


Sarah Otto

Data Protection Officer

Oasis Community Learning Interchurch House,

35-41 Lower Marsh, London,


020 7921 4200

Oasis Community Learning已在信息专员办公室注册为数据控制人,注册号为Z9968336. 如果您对我们收集或使用您的个人资料的方式有疑问, 我们要求您在第一时间使用上述联系信息向我们提出您的问题. 或者,你可以与资讯专员办事处联络,电话 or via their help line on 0303 123 1113.